Are Ghosts Real? (The Drew Mariani Show)

Does the idea of being visited by ghosts scare you? Should you be afraid? Are they even real, and where does the Catholic Church stand on this topic?

In a captivating episode of The Drew Mariani Show, Drew dives deep into the enigmatic world of ghosts and their existence through the lens of the Church. Reflecting on various scriptures, Drew notes that references to spirits are prevalent from the Old Testament to the New. He recalls the instance when Christ walked on water and the apostles mistook him for a ghost, emphasizing that even Jesus didn’t reprimand them for such a belief.

Dr. Paul Thigpen, an award-winning journalist with a prolific repertoire of 50 books, joined the conversation, providing insights from his book “A Manual for Spiritual Warfare.” Dr. Thigpen elaborates on the Catholic Church’s understanding of ghosts. According to the Church, when we die, our body and soul separate. Those in heaven, except for Our Lady, fit the definition of a ghost as they await the reunification with their bodies.

Dr. Paul Thigpen references scriptural instances where the deceased have appeared to the living, such as Moses at the Transfiguration. The conversation then turns to purgatorial souls, those undergoing purification in purgatory. Dr. Thigpen shares stories from the past where these souls have appeared to the living, seeking prayers or forgiveness.

Drew and Dr. Thigpen also discuss the popular belief of spirits “refusing to go to the light” due to fear or unfinished business. While the Church hasn’t made a definitive statement on this, both agree that such a concept might not align with the Catholic understanding of immediate judgment upon death.

Drew shares a haunting yet heartwarming tale of a priest led by a deceased woman’s spirit to save her son’s soul. Another story tells of a young nun who encounters the spirit of an older nun, emphasizing the importance of prayers for souls in Purgatory.

You can catch the entire episode here!

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