Does Abortion Cause Breast Cancer? (Trending with Timmerie)

You know that abortion is not healthcare, and you deserve to know the truth that women who have abortions are more likely to have breast cancer. Yet it is infuriating that media sources will try to suppress this information. Get the facts in this clip. You can hear the entire episode as well. 

Highlighting the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Timmerie emphasizes the lack of awareness about the risks of abortion. She explains the science behind the abortion-breast cancer link, focusing on how breast tissue develops during pregnancy. Abortion stops this development, leaving the body with vulnerable tissues that increase the risk of breast cancer. She emphasizes that countries with permissive abortion laws often show higher rates of breast cancer.

The pro-abortion movement refutes this claim, despite ample scientific evidence. Timmerie expresses her frustration with media platforms like YouTube, which have banned her content for discussing this topic. She challenges you to spread awareness about this link, focusing on the fact that abortion not only affects the unborn but also poses significant risks to women’s health.

Abortion Breast Cancer Link Research

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