How to Talk to a Parent of a Transgender Kid

Did you know that abortion is a leading cause of breast cancer?  Timmerie shows the science of the Abortion Breast Cancer Link on Trending with Timmerie during breast cancer awareness month.  (0:48) “How do I talk to a family member whose 15 year old son says he is a girl?”  Timmerie gives resources and concrete examples of what to ask. (17:48) Can girls still play sports? (29:45) How do you approach the struggle of gender ideology with your peers?  Do you know what the Church teaches about the unity of body and soul?  (40:28) 


Resources mentioned : 


Abortion Breast Cancer Link Research 


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Timmerie works as a radio host and Catholic speaker educating in areas of theology and is an expert at responding to current trends of sexuality, feminism, and gender ideology. She hosts Trending with Timmerie on Relevant Radio. She holds a Masters Degree in Biblical Theology and Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Media with an emphasis in the New Evangelization from John Paul the Great Catholic University.