Is the Bible the Basis for Catholicism? (Father Simon Says)

Does it matter that the Bible was written by imperfect human beings? How should you view scripture as a Catholic?

Fr. Richard Simon takes a call from Jimmy who says that his co-workers say that they don’t take the Catholic faith seriously because the Bible was written by men. How can you respond to this argument?

Here are some key points from Fr. Simon’s answer.

  1. Context is Essential: The Bible alone, without the context of the Church and its teachings, is not complete. It is best understood within the context of the Church’s traditions and interpretations.
  2. Bible and the Church’s Role: The Bible itself indicates that the Church is the pillar and foundation, serving as an institution that remembers and interprets the teachings of Jesus.
  3. Historical Connection: Father Simon emphasizes the connection between the early Church figures, like Ignatius of Antioch, and the teachings of Jesus. This continuity showcases the consistency of the Church’s teachings.
  4. Nature of the Bible: The Bible is not just God’s sayings but is a record of the relationship between God and humanity over thousands of years. While it contains divine truths, it also showcases human struggles, failures, and triumphs in their relationship with God.
  5. Church and Holy Spirit: Despite being made up of human members, the Church is guided and protected by the Holy Spirit. History demonstrates God’s faithfulness to the Church, even when its leaders were flawed.
  6. Recommendation for Further Reading: For a deeper understanding of the history of the Church and its relationship with the scriptures, Father Simon suggests reading “Triumph” by William Crocker.
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