Muslim-Jewish Hostility (Morning Air)

Are you praying for peace in the Middle East? You may wonder what has led to the Hamas attacks in Israel, and the people in the US who are supporting Hamas should deeply distress you. Roy Schoeman, a Catholic convert who was once Jewish, joins Morning Air to provide context behind the conflict.

You’ll hear FOX NEWS audio of several Jewish students from UMass who voiced their concerns about their safety, expressing their deep worries about the situation in Israel and Palestine. They emphasized the misconception that many hold regarding the protests, highlighting that they feel the protests support not the Palestinians seeking peace but rather a deeply rooted hatred of Jews.

Roy Schoeman provides insights into the theological and historical relationship between Judaism and the Catholic Church. He emphasizes the complex dynamics between Islam, Judaism, and the Catholic Church, explaining that what appears as a geographical or political issue is, in fact, deeply theological. Schoeman discusses how the hatred toward Jews is deeply embedded within Islamic scriptures and beliefs, with a particular focus on the animosity between Jews and the prophet Muhammad.

Responding to the question of the growing anti-Semitism on college campuses, Schoeman points to the influence of Muslim student associations in shaping the narrative against Israel and the Jewish people.

Diving deeper into the theological connections, he explains that Judaism is essentially the foundation for the Catholic Church, but before the coming of the Messiah. He shares his personal journey from atheism to Catholicism, revealing transformative experiences with God and the Blessed Virgin Mary that steered him toward the Catholic faith.

He concludes by emphasizing the need for prayer for the peace of Jerusalem, suggesting that the issues in the Holy Land are of a supernatural nature, and a solution, if it exists, will be supernatural as well.

You must continue to pray the Rosary for peace! Don’t give up hope, as we support the Jewish people in their time of need.

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