The Patrick Madrid Show: October 18, 2023 – Hour 3

Father Spencer shares a letter from the Bishop of California on the “Body Soul Unity of the Human Person” addressing the issue of gender dysphoria. Father addresses biblical view of how Catholics perceive salvation and talks about how to get an indulgence through the rosary.

Segment 1 (0:00)

  • Celine – I think we chose the wrong godparents. Can we pick someone else?
  • Gill – debating about salvation: The Bible says believe in the Lord and you will be saved. (acts 16:31). My Catholic friend thinks ‘saved’ is only for Protestants. What should I say?

Segment 2 (19:22)

  • Dennis – Q: what does Father think about the Neo-Catecumenal way? Why do they have so many young people attending?
  • Mary – Comment: I’m a catechist and I teach 8th grade. I had a parent that was unhappy with the sponsor her son picked. The mom was worried; I said to her that this is God’s way of bringing the sponsor back to the Church. I hope that God made a difference in this man.
  • Rose Mary – Praying the rosary with a group you get a plenary indulgence. Do you get a plenary indulgence even if you don’t know you can get one?

Segment 3 (36:55)

  • Father talks about how to receive a plenary indulgence in a group when you pray the rosary.
  • Virginia – The priest gave communion to the first person in the pew and then asked that person to distribute communion to other people in that pew. Was that OK?
  • Antonio – What is Church’s teaching on prenuptial agreements?
  • Jeannette – Do you need to have a spiritual baptism for miscarried baby?
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