Beany Met Her Husband in the Confession Line! (The Patrick Madrid Show)

It can be disheartening and frustrating if you’re struggling to find the right person to marry. Don’t give up hope! Take it to prayer and trust that God knows what’s best for you. You might be encouraged by this clip from The Patrick Madrid Show!

Patrick reads an email from a listener named Marie, who is struggling to find a good Catholic man to date. She has been widowed for 18 years and has tried many dating sites, including Catholic ones, but has found that many single Catholic men are divorced and not annulled, which is a requirement for her to consider dating them. Patrick advises her to remain patient, filter her dating site searches better, and keep faith.

Following this, a caller named Beany shares her success story of meeting her new husband in a confession line, which offers Marie some encouragement. Beany, a widow, moved to Indiana and struck up a conversation with a man in the confession line who worked at a funeral home. This led to them seeing each other at church events and eventually dating. Beany’s soon-to-be husband was also divorced, converted to Catholicism, and had his previous marriage annulled. Patrick highlights Beany’s story as a positive outcome and encouragement for Marie and others in similar situations.

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