Breaking the Bonds of Freemasonry (The Drew Mariani Show)

Did you know that participation in Freemasonry is grave sin? Why is this?

Drew Mariani and Fr. Mark Baron don’t hold back from sharing the truth with you. If you have been a Freemason or know someone in your family who is/was, there’s something you can do to break the grip in your own life.

The Vatican’s stance is unambiguous: Catholics cannot simultaneously be good adherents of their faith and members of Masonic lodges. This directive traces back to a 1983 declaration, emphasizing that such dual membership results in a state of grave sin. Drew Mariani reveals that while lower levels of Freemasonry might appear harmless, the higher echelons harbor practices and beliefs that starkly contrast with Christian teachings.

Freemasonry, Drew explains, transcends and opposes Christianity. It views itself as a unifier of the world, a role that belongs solely to Jesus Christ. This perspective leads to a fundamental clash between the Church and Masonry.

The history of Freemasonry is also explained. Originating from medieval construction guilds, it evolved into a speculative organization promoting a naturalistic religion, rejecting supernatural revelation. This ideology naturally conflicted with the Catholic Church’s doctrines.

A critical aspect discussed is Freemasonry’s use of symbols, many rooted in ancient Egyptian religion and occult practices. This aspect introduces a spiritual danger, aligning Freemasonry with diabolical influences.

A personal story from Father Barron gives you a poignant touch. He recounts his experiences related to a family history of Freemasonry, describing a liberating spiritual deliverance following a specific prayer. This prayer, aimed at descendants of Freemasons, is suggested as a powerful tool for breaking generational curses and spiritual bonds linked to Masonic oaths.

Listeners are encouraged to seek out this “Prayer of Deliverance for Descendants of Freemasons” and recite it, especially if they have Masonic ties in their family history. This act, according to Father Barron, could bring significant spiritual relief and freedom.

🔍 Key Takeaways:

  • Catholicism and Freemasonry are incompatible.
  • Higher levels of Freemasonry clash with Christian values.
  • Masonry’s historical evolution from practical guilds to a speculative, naturalistic religion.
  • The use of occult symbols and practices in Freemasonry.
  • The power of specific prayers in breaking Masonic generational curses.

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