How Long Should Your Confession Take? (The Cale Clarke Show)

🔥 Catholic Dad’s Viral Plea for Streamlined Confessions! 🔥

The Issue: Daniel O’Connor, a Catholic dad and professor, went viral with a post that resonates with many Catholics. He missed his confession slot because the person before him took an excessively long time.

The Complaint: O’Connor’s frustration isn’t just about the wait. He describes a “coffee shop atmosphere” in the confessional, with both priest and penitent engaging in laughter and chit-chat, turning the sacrament into something less sacred.

The Bigger Picture: O’Connor sees this as a form of sacrilege, disrespecting the holiness of the sacrament and potentially driving people away from God’s grace. He worries that such practices make confession seem like a mockery, thus deterring others from participating.

Confession Guidelines:

  1. Confession isn’t for casual conversation, therapy, venting, or complaining about others.
  2. Public confession times aren’t for lengthy spiritual direction or general confessions, except for those returning after a long absence.
  3. Priests should intervene when confessions turn into gossip or therapy sessions.

Possible Solutions: O’Connor suggests confession etiquette sheets in bulletins and near confession lines, like the guide from St. John Cantius, emphasizing confession should be concise, specific, and prepared. He stresses the importance of confessing only new sins, unless a past mortal sin was forgotten.

A Call to Priests: O’Connor urges priests to act as fathers, not buddies, providing necessary correction and guidance, and ensuring the sanctity of the sacrament.

In essence, Daniel O’Connor’s plea is a clarion call for respecting the sacrament of confession, ensuring it remains a solemn, focused ritual, and not a social hour. His message has struck a chord with many in the Catholic community, highlighting a need for balance between pastoral care and the sanctity of confession. 🙏✨



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