The Merry Beggars present “Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol”

For those who may be unfamiliar, The Merry Beggars are an audio entertainment company that functions as a division of Relevant Radio. In a digital world oversaturated with entertainment that is rapidly departing from family values and morals, The Merry Beggars’ mission is to create the most trusted entertainment brand in America. And they are doing so by providing attractive, high-quality entertainment that reveals the goodness of life, all delivered through an enjoyable user experience.

With that said, the annual release of their flagship Christmas production is right around the corner! Under the direction of Peter Atkinson and Kevin Conroy, voice actors from near and far came together to create this special production of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. As the world drifts further and further from the true meaning of Christmas, The Merry Beggars have chosen to use Advent as an opportunity to reconnect people with the truth through this hand-crafted retelling of a Christmas classic.

The Merry Beggars have recorded 28 hours of audio with 25 voice actors, including Zeuben Painter-Edington as Charles Dickens, Scott Lynch-Giddings as Scrooge, and Austin Bourne as Tiny Tim. Starting on December 1st, an episode will be released every day, with the conclusive episode arriving on December 25th, Christmas Day. This production is intended to give its listeners a taste of adventure, wit, and most of all joy.


“Peter Atkinson is a brilliant and energetic artist full of initiative and ideas with the proven ability to attract new talent and produce outstanding radio theatre and engaging podcasts.  By bringing The Merry Beggars to Relevant Radio, we can provide young Catholic artists with the creative space and national platform to be of great service to our listeners,” said Fr. Rocky.

But it’s no time to rest on laurels. The Merry Beggars are constantly working on new projects like On the Night Train, and The Saints. Subscribe here to listen to all of The Merry Beggars’ projects for free!

“At The Merry Beggars, we know how hard it is for families to find good, beautiful entertainment. Without beautiful stories to enrich their lives, parents and kids become confused about what matters most and grow distant from one another…We produce original radio shows for families that reveal the beauty and fullness of life. If people’s imaginations are filled with beautiful stories, they are more able to give and experience love in their lives and relationships.” (The Merry Beggars website)

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