Timmerie Addresses the Controversial Sabrina Carpenter Music Video (Trending with Timmerie)

You may have been saddened to hear about singer Sabrina Carpenter recently releasing a very inappropriate music video. It’s important to be aware that the video for her song “Feather” is something your kids should stay away from.

Timmerie discusses the controversial music video and criticizes the video for its desecration of a Catholic church and its portrayal of toxic themes. She describes the video’s storyline, which involves Sabrina Carpenter attending a funeral for men who fought over her and includes a scene where she kills a man for taking her photo without consent.

Timmerie expresses her shock and disapproval of the content, mentioning how it promotes negative traits like vengeance, manipulation, and self-centeredness. She contrasts these with virtues such as humility, forgiveness, and charity, encouraging young women to embrace these positive values. Timmerie stresses the importance of using one’s beauty and femininity for good, establishing healthy boundaries, and engaging in acts of charity and humility.

Don’t give up hope! Be sure to pray for Sabrina’s conversion and for young women to pursue virtue in today’s toxic culture.

(Some content may not be appropriate for all audiences.)

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