Turkey Talk (Morning Air)

In a delightful and humorous exchange, Glen Leverenz and Sarah Tafoya dive into the heart of Thanksgiving traditions and culinary quirks on “Morning Air.” The conversation, brimming with light-hearted jest and familial anecdotes, revolves around the festive spirit and the peculiarities of holiday favorites like cranberry sauce.

Turkey Talk and Morning Shows: Sarah, playfully spared from being called a “turkey” on air, shares her anticipation for Thanksgiving’s sleep-in luxury, a rare treat compared to the early rise for morning radio. Glen nods to this relatable joy, capturing the essence of holiday relaxation.

Cranberry Chronicles: The duo delves into the world of cranberries, with Sarah recounting memories of the canned variety, nostalgically perfect in its can-shaped jelly form. Glen shares his own experiences, opting for stuffing over cranberries but still amused by the canned jelly’s wobble.

Culinary Creativity and Childhood Memories: Sarah explores her adventurous side in the kitchen, experimenting with cranberry recipes post-Thanksgiving sales. Discussions of adding pineapple, lemon zest, or even horseradish to cranberry dishes highlight a spirit of culinary experimentation. Sarah reminisces about the “kids’ table” at family gatherings, evoking laughter with stories of juvenile strategies to sneak extra treats.

Family Conversation: They touch on the shift from children’s simple joys to serious discussions, humorously noting the avoidance of politics at the dinner table, a sentiment echoed by a survey showing most Americans prefer to steer clear of political discussions during the holiday meal.

Black Friday and Changing Priorities: The chat wraps up with musings on Black Friday traditions, reflecting on past excitements and the evolving preference for online deals or extra sleep.

Throughout, their conversation is filled with laughter, shared memories, and a warm, inviting tone that encapsulates the joy and quirkiness of Thanksgiving traditions. 🍂✨

Jake Moore serves as a Digital Audio Content Producer for Relevant Radio®. He is a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville, and is passionate about classic movies, Christian music, young adult ministry, and leading this generation to Christ through compelling media. You can listen to more of his podcasts at relevantradio.com and on the Relevant Radio® app.