Is the Rapture Real? (Morning Air)

John Morales discusses the concept of the Rapture from a Catholic perspective with William Albrecht, a Catholic apologist and former Protestant. The conversation highlights the Rapture’s popularity, evidenced by the success of books like “Left Behind” and “The Late Great Planet Earth,” which present a view of the end times that conflicts with traditional Catholic teachings.

William critiques the Rapture doctrine, emphasizing its lack of biblical and historical basis. He notes that the concept, popularized in the 1800s by John Nelson Darby, is not supported by any early Church Fathers or Scripture. Albrecht points out that the Bible’s references to being ‘caught up’ (in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17) pertain to the end times and the Second Coming of Christ, not a pre-tribulation escape for believers.

The discussion also covers how the Rapture idea misinterprets biblical texts and creates a misleading expectation of Christians avoiding tribulation. They agree that this doctrine diverges from the message of the Gospel, which prepares believers for tribulation rather than promising escape from it.

William clarifies that the idea of a secret coming of Christ, as proposed by Rapture doctrine, is inconsistent with biblical descriptions of the Second Coming, which depict a noticeable event with archangels and trumpets.

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