Liturgy & Identity – December 18, 2023

Bible Study: (2:22)

Jer 23:5-8

  • Father explains how preserving the liturgy helped inform the identity of the Jews

Mt 1:18-25

  • Father explains Joseph as a righteous man


  • (23:19) – Pitching a parish ministry at the end of mass
  • (29:14) – Julie mentioned that her husband was killed many years ago

Word of the Day: Until (32:38)


  • (36:50) – I am protestant! .Where is it in the bible is the concept of repentance of mortal sin, and if it is in there, does  contradict Paul’s teaching in Roams 6-8?
  • (46:42) – I disagree that God lets us walk away from him. I tried and I was never able to!
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