Born From Above – January 11, 2024

Bible Study: (2:17)

Hebrews 4:1-5, 11

  • Who were the first converts to Christianity? 

Mk 2:1-12

  • What is the scandal from today’s Gospel?


  • (21:24) – What does it mean ‘to be born from above?’

Word of the Day: Heart (33:00)


  • (36:07) – I’m a convert from Southern Baptist and I’m having trouble with Mary. 
  • (49:01) – Would God tell immortal souls, ‘They shall surely die?’

Original Air Date: January 13, 2023

Father Richard Simon, who jokingly refers to himself as Reverend Know-it-All is the host of Fr. Simon Says on Relevant Radio. Father Simon delves into the daily Scripture readings, shares a Word of the Day to help you sharpen you vocabulary, and opens the phones to your questions about the Faith. After just a few minutes with Father Simon, you might be convinced that he truly does know it all!