Burying the Old Shovels/ Suffering in Marriage/ Epiphany Sunday Gospel Reflection

1/5/24 6am CT Hour – Fr. Bob Pagliari/ Doug Hinderer/ Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg

  • John, Glen and Sarah chat about Glen’s birthday, Israel conflict, clarification from Vatican on blessings and Shia LeBeouf possibly becoming a Deacon.
  • Fr. Bob starts the new year by asking us to seek out those “old shovels” in our lives and toss them to make room for new ones. https://thegoodnewsroom.org/holy-homework-burying-the-old-year-shovels/
  • Doug shares why it’s important to understand that our spouse has defects and offering up the sufferings we find in marriage can be meritorious. 
  • Bishop Mueggenborg unpacks this Sunday’s Gospel about the Epiphany.
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