Historic Moment at SEEK24 Conference!

St. Louis Embraces the Fellowship of Catholic University Students’ Annual Gathering with New Spiritual Depth

The 2024 Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) SEEK conference, hosted in St. Louis, marked a significant shift in its spiritual offerings. This year, 24,000 attendees from across the globe experienced an enhanced program thanks to the introduction of the Family Rosary Across America, a collaboration with Relevant Radio, which was one of the few premier sponsors of the conference.

The SEEK24 conference, traditionally known for its dynamic lineup of Catholic speakers and workshops, enriched the faithful’s experience by incorporating the Rosary into its main program for the first time. This inclusion, in collaboration with Relevant Radio and led by Fr. Rocky, offers attendees a deeper spiritual connection and a unique opportunity to unify in prayer each morning of the conference.

In addition, Monsignor James Patrick Shea, President of the University of Mary and Board Member of Relevant Radio, was a notable presence at the event. His impactful words, “Deep down in the chasms of our baptized soul is a home for God,” resonated with the young audience, echoing the conference’s theme of deepening one’s faith. Monsignor Shea’s insights and leadership served as a guiding force, helping to steer the conference towards a more contemplative and meaningful experience during the evening general session.

The event’s historic attendance, a 28% increase from the previous year, makes SEEK24 more than just a gathering. This is a movement into faith, prayer, and action. The involvement of 44 bishops and 450 priests underscored the event’s growing significance in the Catholic community.

Archbishop Mitchell Rozanski of St. Louis, reflecting on the conference’s impact, noted, “When we see 20,000 people on fire for the Lord, it inspires us, too, to be on fire for the Lord.” This year’s SEEK conference, with the added dimension of the Rosary with Fr. Rocky and the insightful presence of Monsignor Shea, has set a new precedent for future gatherings, emphasizing not just the scale but the depth of spiritual engagement among Catholic youths.

“I saw something today that I’ve never seen before: The lines for Confession are longer than the lines for breakfast. It’s amazing! The Holy Spirit is definitely at work here.” – Father Rocky

However, the SEEK24 conference is not the culmination of this year’s spiritual journey for Catholic young adults; it’s a beacon leading toward an even more transformative event: the upcoming National Eucharistic Congress (NEC) in July 2024. This congress, set to be a landmark event in the Catholic Church, promises to extend the fervor and spiritual enrichment experienced at SEEK24 on a grander scale and is open to all adults and youth, not just college-aged students.

Why attend the NEC? Here are compelling reasons:

Unparalleled Spiritual Experience: The NEC is an opportunity to deepen your faith through Eucharistic adoration, Masses, and powerful prayer sessions. It’s a rare chance to experience the unity and strength of the Catholic community in a profound and personal way.

Inspirational Speakers: Drawing from the success of SEEK24, the NEC will feature a lineup of renowned speakers, theologians, and church leaders, offering insights and teachings that can transform your understanding and practice of faith.

Community and Fellowship: Like SEEK24, the NEC is a gathering place for thousands of Catholics from diverse backgrounds. It’s an ideal setting to meet like-minded individuals, share experiences, and form lasting connections within the faith community.

Educational Workshops and Sessions: The NEC will offer a variety of workshops and sessions tailored to different interests and age groups, providing valuable learning and growth opportunities in your spiritual journey.

A Call to Action: The NEC is more than a conference; it’s a call to action for Catholics to live out their faith more fully and to engage in the mission of the Church in today’s world. Let’s show up for Jesus.

Continuing the Momentum: After the significant increase in participation and spiritual engagement at SEEK24, the NEC is poised to be a pivotal event in furthering the Church’s mission and energizing its members.

Don’t miss out on this landmark event in the Catholic Church. The National Eucharistic Congress is not just an event; it’s a milestone in our journey of faith. For more information on the NEC and to be part of this historic gathering, visit RelevantRadio.com/Indy.