Eucharistic Miracles & The Eucharist’s Impact on Mental Health

Bishop Andrew Cozzens discusses the incredible data on Eucharistic miracles and (1:57) the upcoming National Eucharistic Congress. (14:36) A Journal of the American Medical Association study shows people who attend religious services more than once a week are healthier, live longer, and are resilient against suicide. What role does the Eucharist play? (19:46) Women are stockpiling abortion drugs – Dutch Dr. Rebecca Gomperts illegally ships abortion drugs to women internationally.  What can you do about the abortion culture? (34:03)

Resources mentioned : 

Blessed Carlo Acutis Eucharistic Miracles Website 


Eucharistic Miracles website


Religious Service Attendance and Deaths Related to Drugs, Alcohol, and Suicide Among US Health Care Professionals


Abortion Pill reversal website


A Dutch doctor is illegally making abortion accessible to women.


Do women die from abortion? episode


Injury, Infertility, And Death From Chemical Abortions Are A-OK With The FDA

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