Marriage Unhindered, January 13, 2024 – Gentle Conversations

Struggling in your marriage? You found the right show. Marriage Unhindered is here to help you navigate your relationship. Today we cover everything from patience to “gentle conversations” Check it out! 

  • David – Married 34 years and very happy and would like to share some experiences.
  • Natalie – I am divorced and feel guilty about what happened. How do I deal with this?
  • (18:08) Break 1
  • Young Thomas asks a question about not rushing into a relationship.
  • Mary – Mother of 6. Married for 31 years. Oldest child, who is a doctor, is not dating the right guy. Needs advice on how to handle.
  • (30:40) Anne – Having difficulty adjusting to husband’s retirement. 
  • (35:28) Break 2
  • (36:57) “Gentle Conversations” Doug shares a pro tip in how to communicate in your marriage.
  • Marci – Married for 10 years and then separated for a year due to infidelity. Was able to work through it and is back together.
  • Gail – Wants to relate that she has been married for 37 years. Husband was a difficult person when first married. Husband has stayed through her losing her leg and son becoming a quadriplegic.
  • (45:46) Grace – Struggling. Moved to Atlanta when married. Wants to get back to family environment up North.