Sin and the Mercy of God (The Inner Life with Patrick Conley)

Are you feeling guilty because of sin? Does shame weigh you down?

Never forget about God’s boundless mercy.

Fr. Joseph Johnson, the pastor of Holy Family Catholic Church, dives deep into what sin really is – not just rule-breaking, but a turning away from God. It’s about going against the very fabric of our creation and purpose!

🤔 Why is Sin So Tempting? 🤔 The million-dollar question, right? Fr. Joseph explains this with a twist of St. Augustine’s and St. Thomas Aquinas’ wisdom. It’s not about chasing evil; rather, it’s about mistaking something harmful for something good. We’re wired to seek happiness, but sin deceives us into thinking it’s the right path.

The True Essence of Happiness According to divine revelation, happiness is rooted in love – love that is perfectly embodied in Christ. Christ teaches us that true joy lies in loving God and our neighbors. It’s not about a list of dos and don’ts; it’s about living a life of love.

🎶 “Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet” – A Musical Prescription 🎶 Feeling down? Father recommends this hymn as a reminder of God’s infinite mercy. It’s a great tool to refocus on the power of Jesus’ love and mercy.

🙏 A Message of Hope and Invitation 🙏 Fr. Joseph invites those who feel overwhelmed by their sins to return to God. He reassures you that God’s mercy is far greater than any sin, and the joy in heaven over a returning sinner is immense. Remember, we’re all works in progress, each with the potential for spiritual greatness.

You can catch the whole hour here!

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