The Patrick Madrid Show: January 04, 2024 – Hour 2

Patrick Madrid addresses a caller’s question about receiving Eucharist on the tongue versus receiving communion by hand. He emphasizes the historical context of the Last Supper, explaining that the directive “take and eat” from Jesus pertained to the apostles, who were ordained priests, and not to the general group of lay people. Madrid’s insightful commentary provides clarity on this theological matter, making it a must-listen for those seeking a deeper understanding of the Eucharist.

  • Patrick continues his conversation with Ann from the end of the previous hour about Holy Communion being distributed prior to Mass
  • David – Should I go to a wedding where the couple is co-habituating? They might be living as brother and sister, but I’m not sure. (06:34)
  • Sue – I’m annoyed that the Hallmark Channel features gay couples. What should I do?
  • Prince – Is it a good idea to pray in tongues during the rosary.
  • Carrie – To Ann, I think that it could be that they had the gluten free group come up before Mass.
  • Richard – I appreciate Patrick’s comments on abortion. My mom found out that she was pregnant right before her divorce. It was in the 1950s when abortion was illegal. I’m glad I’m alive!
  • Nanette – My daughter, who is 30, is in a relationship with a Muslim. Do you have any book recommendations for my situation? Patrick recommends “Not Peace But a Sword: The Great Chasm Between Christianity and Islam” by Robert Spencer
  • Bob – I haven’t seen any homosexual couples in recent movies.
  • Daniel – The Eucharistic prayer suggests that we take and eat of the Eucharist. Doesn’t that suggest that we take the Eucharist by hand? (39:15)
  • Kevin – Peter and Andrew in today’s Gospel: Unless I’m confusing two people, I thought Peter and Andrew were called during their life as fisherman, not as followers of John the Baptist.
  • Ron – I’ve noticed the prevalence of the gay characters in Hallmark movies
Patrick Madrid is an acclaimed public speaker and has authored or edited 26 books, which have sold over a million copies worldwide, including foreign-language editions. He hosts The Patrick Madrid Show daily on Relevant Radio.