Inside the Life of Venerable Samuel Mazzuchelli (The Drew Mariani Show)

Have you ever felt like a saint (or a future saint) has chosen you? Maybe you’ve prayed to a saint’s intercession for a miracle, and they came through!

If there’s something you need a miracle for now, you could consider praying to Venerable Samuel Mazzuchelli! He could be a saint one day because of your reported story!

Drew chats with Linda Schoenmann about the amazing life of Fr. Mazzuchelli.

He was quite the trailblazer, going up to the upper Midwest in the 1800s with a mission to spread the word of God. He didn’t have transportation like we do now; he hoofed it on foot, horseback, and even snowshoe! Linda fills you in on Fr. Mazzuchelli’s background, including his Italian roots and how he picked up languages like English, French, and German to connect with different communities.

But Fr. Mazzuchelli wasn’t just a talker; he was a doer. He built churches, started parishes, and even had mystical experiences, like visions of St. Joseph and the Virgin Mary.

One thing that sets Venerable Mazzuchelli apart is his take on suffering. He wasn’t afraid to embrace it, even wearing a penance chain as a reminder. And get this: there have been reports of miraculous healings linked to him, including one where a man’s lung cancer vanished!

Drew and Linda encourage you to pray for Venerable Samuel Mazzuchelli’s intercession, both for physical and spiritual needs. They’re hopeful that he’ll soon be beatified and canonized. Drew’s got a personal connection to Fr. Mazzuchelli’s intercession, and he’s all in on spreading the word. Are you too??

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