The Patrick Madrid Show: February 12, 2024 – Hour 2

Today’s episode delved into the profound mystery of suffering and the soul’s journey. Patrick explored Dr. Peter Kreeft’s illuminating insights from “Making Sense out of Suffering,” offering comfort and understanding. Patrick navigated a caller’s path back to the Church after ties with Freemasonry, emphasizing the renewal of baptismal vows and the power of deliverance. Doubts about Church teachings? Patrick tackled those too, assuring listeners that truth, sincerity, and a quest for understanding are the keys to embracing faith. And in the realm beyond, Patrick revealed how knowledge transcends the senses, connecting directly to the intellect and soul. For queries about salvation, the Trinity, or our perception in the afterlife, remember — clarity and guidance are just a call away.

  • Angelina – My Jewish brother in law doesn’t understand the Trinity. How can I explain that to him?
  • Alex – Will we know if we are in heaven or hell when we die? Can Buddhists go to heaven? (09:12)
  • Patrick responds to another email about Israel
  • Joe – I think the Chiefs won the Super Bowl because Kansas has the most restrictive abortion laws.
  • Jennifer – How can God be in control of everything but people have free will? They seem to contradict each other. (29:32)
  • Mike – What does my friend need to do to stop being a Free Mason? (39:22)
  • Jimmy – I am not sure if I am truly Catholic because I disagree with some of the things the Church teaches. What should I do?
Patrick Madrid is an acclaimed public speaker and has authored or edited 26 books, which have sold over a million copies worldwide, including foreign-language editions. He hosts The Patrick Madrid Show daily on Relevant Radio.