The Patrick Madrid Show: February 16, 2024 – Hour 3

  • Bob – Adam and Eve sinned and passed along their sin. If they had not sinned would they have prevented everyone after them from sinning or would their children still be able to sin?
  • (5:31) Augustine 11-years-old and Marisol 8-years-old – Can fallen angels ever get back to Heaven and be angles again? (take the angel test again) and why can’t we say Hallelujah during Lent and is it a sin to say it when we aren’t supposed to?
  • Sherri – If only Eve had been the only one to sin would the sin have not been passed down?

(16:57) Break 1

  • Cathy – Instead of asking a priest can we offer up a mass for our relatives in our hearts? Does that count or does it have to be done by a priest?
  • (22:37) Emily – my coworker would put me down for being Catholic and saying that the things we did were silly. He said they made him eat fish on Fridays when he was little but he wouldn’t do it. I told him that makes sense since fish is brain food. He never bothered me again.
  • Adam – What is your take on St. Leonard of Port Maurice – and his thoughts on Hell and how many people make it to Heaven?

(33:18) Break 2

  • Ben – Is it presumed that Adam and Eve are in Heaven?
  • (40:38) Marie – We are raising our granddaughter – I don’t know if the science teacher isn’t catholic and she is now doubting the faith. Is there a resource I can share with her or the teacher?
  • Cindy – I work in people’s homes and I have a client who is an atheist and his wife is Catholic who won’t stand up for her faith. He goes on rants and I don’t know what to say or how to react to his outbursts.
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