BREAKING: Tammy Peterson enters the Catholic Church!

In November, Cale Clarke welcomed a special guest to his show to discuss her upcoming entrance into the Catholic Church: popular podcaster and wife of commentator Dr. Jordan Peterson, Tammy Peterson.

Tammy, an Alberta native from the tiny town of Fairview and the youngest of four children, started her career in kinesiology and massage therapy. In her first interview with Cale, she shared her pursuit of truth, the illnesses of her mother and sister, her great-grandmother’s impact on Tammy’s life, and how listening became an integral part of her life and her relationships. She met Jordan at 8 years old – he was 7 – and recounted how they were good friends from even their first classes together! A foundational tenant of their marriage has been seeking and telling the truth, which brought Tammy to the Catholic faith.

She found Catholicism after her diagnosis of terminal renal cell carcinoma… and the sudden discovery of another serious cancer. She was given about ten months to live, and the stress of her illness closely coincided with her husband’s rise in popularity. Through the support of a Catholic priest and a close friend who had converted to Catholicism, Tammy began to pray the Rosary through the ups and downs of her illness. Tammy also prayed a Novena for the Sick given to her. Her recovery came suddenly on the fifth day of her novena, and she returned home with a new love for living and a resolve to give abundantly.

Right after last night’s Easter Vigil, Tammy joined Cale again with a new perspective: that of a brand-new Catholic who’s come home.

Watch the full exclusive interview below:

Welcome home to all of our brand-new Catholics! We are excited that you have followed the Lord to the vibrant and timeless Catholic faith. We are praying for you as you continue your journey!