To Hold Hands or Not to Hold Hands? Patrick Madrid’s Take on the Our Father at Mass (The Patrick Madrid Show)

Does it bother you that people sometimes hold hands during the Our Father at Mass? Do you find it irreverent or distracting?

Catherine from Montgomery, Minnesota feels uncomfortable about it and asked for Patrick Madrid’s insights.

🚫 Patrick Madrid’s Verdict: Patrick explained that this practice could be seen as a liturgical aberration not endorsed by the Vatican, labeling it as a potential distraction from the true focus of the Mass – God. He even joked that this trend might have been influenced by the tight-knit Walton family from the TV show “The Waltons,” bringing up their hand-holding prayer ritual.

✨ Romantic Gestures? Patrick pointed out that handholding is normally a sign of romantic affection, making it an odd fit for the Mass setting. It could make people feel awkward or out of place, and it might potentially lead to misunderstandings.

👐 What About Mimicking the Priest? Catherine also asked about the practice of lifting hands like the priest, often seen in Charismatic Renewal movements. Patrick suggested that this is, in his opinion, another distraction.

So, next time you’re deciding whether to join hands during the Our Father, remember… it might be best to keep those hands prayerfully folded, ensuring a focused and reverent Mass atmosphere. 🙏

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