Making Kids Happy

Ways to help teens find joy and peace with Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, the country’s foremost technology addiction expert, on Trending with Timmerie. (2:12) Dr. Nicholas Kardaras answers questions regarding: how to naturally reduce screen time, my kid will only eat when he looks at a screen, how do I cultivate leisure from a young age, why boredom is good, the max amount of time kids should be on screens. (24:25) Deep fake AI generated Henry Cavill James Bond trailer gets 2.3M views. (43:06) Is Pilates okay for Catholics to do as exercise? (48:54)

Resources mentioned : 

Book Digital Madness 


Book Glow Kids 


Omega Recovery effectively treat young people struggling with substance addiction, mental health and/or tech addiction issue


Screen Strong


Five Ways to Help Teens Find Their Bliss and Reduce Screen Time


AI James Bond Trailer

Can a Catholic do yoga?


Is yoga really just stretching

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