What if You Came Home? (Special Podcast Highlight)

Drew celebrated the spiritual homecoming of catechumens who joined the Catholic Church during the Easter Vigil. With a mix of excitement and reverence, Drew delved into the transformative journeys of new Catholics, sharing the floor with callers who shared their own unique paths to the faith.


First up, Jonathan’s Journey: An awe-inspiring tale of struggling with addiction but finding redemption through the beauty and peace found in the Catholic Church. Jonathan described his first experience receiving the sacraments as an out-of-body experience, a profound encounter with God that left him overwhelmed with emotion.


Then, Devin’s Discovery: Raised in an anti-Catholic household, Devin’s life took a dramatic turn towards faith amidst financial hardship during COVID-19. A visit to an abbey opened his heart to true worship, leading him on a fast track to embrace Catholicism fully.


Lastly, Julie’s Conversion: A longtime listener of Drew’s show, Julie found her curiosity piqued by the mysteries of the faith, especially adoration. Influential Catholics and saints gently guided her on a journey of discovery, culminating in a “kick in the butt” moment inspired by Padre Pio, which propelled her into the loving arms of the Church.


Episode Highlights:

  • The Power of Beauty: Art and architecture play a crucial role in drawing souls closer to God, showcasing the Church’s ability to transcend language and touch hearts directly.


  • The Role of Relevant Radio and Community: Relevant Radio helps people who are seeking truth, while community support provides answers and encouragement.


  • Sacramental Grace: The sacraments offer a tangible connection to God’s grace, transforming lives and offering a wellspring of spiritual strength.


So, dive into this episode and witness the incredible journeys of people just like you who found hope, peace, and purpose in the Catholic Church. Remember, it’s never too late to come home! 

Drew Mariani is an award-winning journalist, writer and broadcaster. He currently hosts The Drew Mariani Show™ reaching a potential audience of 220 million people. His 3-hour daily program offers a unique insight on the most important issues of the day and a platform for dialogue with listeners and newsmakers.