Do doctors need abortion to save a woman’s life?

OB/GYN Dr. Ingrid Skop joins Trending with Timmerie. Are pregnant women receiving the emergency medical care they need? Amanda Zurawski’s story. An expert OB speaks. (3:01)  The pro-abortion argument you need to be able to answer. Do doctors need to be able to perform abortions to save a woman’s life?  The supreme court case that could require doctors to kill babies – Idaho/Moyle v. United States regarding Biden’s Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act ( (EMTALA). (22:53) Fruits of the Holy Spirit: patience and goodness (42:27)


Resources mentioned: 

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“I’ve never needed to perform an abortion to save a woman’s life”


Induced Abortion and the Increased Risk of Maternal Mortality – Dr. Skop Published by the National Library of Medicine 


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7 in 10 abortions are coerced or unwanted

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