Helped By Angels and Saints (Special Podcast Highlight)

🕊️ Have you ever felt an inexplicable sense of protection or guidance? In this episode of The Drew Mariani Show, Drew talks to Msgr. Brian Bransfield about the remarkable intercession of angels and saints in our daily lives.


Drew and Maggie begin by sharing an extraordinary story of a former colleague, Margaret, who miraculously recovered her lost wallet and phone at Chicago O’Hare Airport. Despite the chaotic environment, a good Samaritan found her belongings and went to great lengths to return them. Drew and Maggie attribute this act of kindness to the unseen hand of angelic and saintly intercession.


Msgr. Bransfield joins the conversation, shedding light on the profound ways angels protect and guide us. He emphasizes that angels often intervene in subtle, yet powerful ways, orchestrating events to keep us safe and draw us closer to God’s mystery. You’ll hear amazing anecdotes of people experiencing sudden urges to stop their cars, avoiding potential accidents—moments many believe are guided by their guardian angels. How else could these incidents be explained?


We need to turn to the saints in our spiritual journey. Msgr. Bransfield says that saints, like angels, act as our friends and protectors, reflecting God’s light and grace. Drew and Msgr. both agree that “saints often choose us,” and we need to be open to hearing from them!


Drew and Msgr. Bransfield encourage you to cultivate relationships with your guardian angels and the saints. They remind you that these heavenly beings are eager to assist, protect, and inspire us if we only call upon them. We don’t need to feel alone in this life. 


✨ Key Takeaways:


Divine Interventions: Stories of miraculous protections and recoveries show the active role of angels and saints.


Guardian Angels: According to Catholic teachings, guardian angels watch over us from birth to death, offering protection and guidance.


Saintly Friends: Saints can inspire and intercede for us, acting as friends and guides on our spiritual journey


Invisibility and Inspiration: Angels often work invisibly, touching our minds and hearts with divine light and inspiration.


📖 “Invoke your guardian angel,” urges Padre Pio. In moments of need, these heavenly protectors are ready to assist us. The Catechism of the Catholic Church affirms this, highlighting their role in our spiritual lives (CCC 336).


Whether through an unexpected helping hand at an airport or a sudden sense of danger averted, the presence of angels and saints is a comforting reminder of God’s love and protection. So, don’t hesitate—call upon your heavenly friends and let their light guide your way.


🙏 Pray to your guardian angel today, and let their invisible hand lead you closer to God.

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