“How Do I Love the Sinner but Hate the Sin?” (The Patrick Madrid Show)

Cathy from Baltimore posed a question you may grapple with: How do you love someone without endorsing their sinful behavior, especially when children are involved? This can be a tricky situation that might cause you stress and fear.

🌟 The Crux of Celebration

Patrick began by examining the term “celebrate.” He suggested that maybe the term “celebrate” isn’t quite right. Celebrating someone typically means acknowledging their achievements or important milestones. Instead, Patrick recommended focusing on appreciating and loving the person without feeling the need to celebrate their lifestyle choices.

❤️ Loving vs. Celebrating

Patrick explained that it’s possible to like and enjoy someone’s company while still being concerned about their actions. He likened this to having a friend with a drinking problem—you can care for them deeply but still disapprove of their destructive behavior.

💬 Speaking the Truth in Love

When it comes to addressing sinful behavior, Patrick emphasized the importance of speaking the truth in love. This means being honest about your concerns without showing disrespect. The goal is to express that certain behaviors are harmful and could lead to unhappiness, all while maintaining a Christlike example.

🛡️ Setting Boundaries

Cathy shared her own strategy of limiting interaction with individuals whose behaviors she finds morally problematic. Patrick affirmed this approach, citing the Biblical principle that “bad company ruins good morals” (1 Corinthians 15). He advised that the company we keep can influence our values and actions, so it’s wise to set boundaries to avoid condoning immoral behavior.

Loving Without Joining the Cause

The key takeaway from their conversation was that it’s possible to love someone as a brother or sister in Christ without condoning their actions. By being polite, courteous, and honest, you can maintain your values while still showing them respect. Don’t back down on your convictions and know that you are not alone.

🙏 A Gentle Guide

Love and truth must go hand in hand to genuinely care for others without compromising our own moral compass. 🌟🙏


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