“I Was Gonna Be” A Pro-Life Country Song Smashes the Charts (The Patrick Madrid Show)

Patrick Madrid brought to light an incredibly moving new pro-life country song titled “I Was Gonna Be”. This powerful anthem is sung by the talented 18-year-old Rachel Holt, with lyrics penned by renowned Nashville songwriter Chris Wallin, known for his work with stars like Garth Brooks and Kenny Chesney.

📝 The Story Behind the Song: Wallen shared that he initially wrote the song without expecting it to gain traction, simply feeling that “something had to be said.” Little did he know, this heartfelt piece would soar into the top 10 on the country charts, especially touching hearts as it released around the anniversary of Roe v. Wade’s overturning.

👶 A Voice for the Unborn: The song poignantly gives a voice to the unborn child, expressing what could have been if they had been allowed to live. It’s a tear-jerker, a powerful reminder of the value of every life.

📜 A Poem of Regret: Patrick also revisited a deeply emotional poem by Andrea Roncato, an Italian actor who regretted his decision to support an abortion in his youth. Roncato’s poem vividly imagines the life his child could have had, from simple moments like watching snow fall to the deep bond of father and child.

Here’s a snippet: (trust us, there will be tears.)

“I would have liked you to be small so I could hug you.
I would have liked you to be big so I could lean on you.
I would have liked you to be kind to dogs so you could pet them.
And affectionate with the elderly so you could love them.”

🌧️ The raw emotion in Roncato’s words paints a picture of profound regret and a longing for what could have been—a life filled with shared experiences and unconditional love.

🕊️ Compassion and Change: Patrick stressed how much we need to have compassion for those who have experienced the pain of abortion. While legislative efforts are crucial, the ultimate solution lies in a societal change of heart. We must approach the issue with empathy and understanding, offering support to those in need. We need to show the world that the pro-life generation cares about every human being, in and out of the womb.

📲 Share the Message: If this story touched your heart, share it with your friends and family on social media. Let’s spread this message of life and love far and wide. Together, we can inspire a culture that cherishes every human life.


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