Fr. Rocky Gives Solid Marriage Advice for Hard Times (Family Rosary Across America)

👋 Greetings from the Hosts: Fr. Rocky and Sarah are here to share some joyful news about Maggie and Joe’s new baby, Michael Joseph Carrozza. Congrats to the new parents! 🎉👶 What a blessing!

📞 Heartfelt Calls and Intentions:

Karen from Florence, New Jersey:

Karen’s call is deeply touching. She shares the sorrow of her mother’s recent passing on June 20th and the comfort the Rosary brought during her mother’s dementia struggles. Karen’s voice trembles with emotion as she recalls how the Rosary calmed her mother, even during the toughest times. Fr. Rocky offers his heartfelt condolences and shares his own experience with his father’s Alzheimer’s, understanding the profound impact it has on families. He reassures Karen that we all join in praying for her soul. 🙏❤️

Gloria from Castle Rock, Colorado:

Newlywed Gloria’s voice reveals her anxiety as she talks about the challenges she and her husband are facing. They’re expecting a baby, but their excitement is clouded by frequent arguments, especially about their birthing plans. Father listens with empathy and offers a beautiful piece of advice: go to their church, sit before the Blessed Sacrament, hold hands, and invite Jesus into their struggle.  💒💑

💬 Father Rocky’s Encouragement: Father’s words tonight are especially comforting. He reminds us that the Rosary has a unique way of bringing peace, even when we are distracted. The simple act of gathering as a family to pray is powerful. He reminds you that “Christ is always present when we come together in His name. “✨

Let’s carry these heartfelt intentions with us, keeping Karen, Gloria, and all those in need of prayer close to our hearts. Remember, no matter how tough things get, we’re never alone in our faith journey. 🕊️💖


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