Is it Immoral to Use Steroids for Bodybuilding? (The Inner Life with Patrick Conley)

On The Inner Life, Patrick Conley and Fr. John Paul Erickson take on a question you probably didn’t see coming: Is it acceptable for Catholics to use steroids for bodybuilding? 🏋️‍♂️💥

Caller Spotlight: Dominic from Great Falls, Montana Dominic is back in the Church and really into bodybuilding. He asked if it’s morally okay to use steroids, even if he’s not competing. 🤔

Fr. John Paul Erickson’s Take: Fr. Erickson didn’t dodge the question. Here’s what he said:

Respect the Body: The Church says your body is a temple, so treat it with respect. 💪

Talk to Your Doc: Keep in touch with your doctor. If they say steroids are risky, that’s a big hint to stay away. 🩺

Use Good Judgment: The Church lets you use your own judgment here, but always think about how it affects your body’s dignity.

Check Yourself: Ask yourself why you’re doing this. Is it taking over your life? More important than your faith, family, or daily prayer? 🤔

Think Long-Term: Consider the side effects and long-term impacts. Anything you put in your body, including food, should be thought about carefully.

Bottom Line: If you’re into bodybuilding, balance your physical goals with your spiritual and moral duties. It’s all about staying healthy and keeping your priorities straight. 🌟

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