Maggie’s Farewell (Special Podcast Highlight)

It’s hard to lose a friend you hear on the show every day, and sadly, we have to say goodbye to such a wonderful member of the Relevant Radio family, Maggie Carozza!


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She’s leaving the show for a good reason, though! She’s expecting her first baby! 


Drew reminisces about moments when listeners reached out, hoping Maggie’s absence was due to morning sickness (spoiler: they were right!).


Welcoming Josh and Some Parenting Wisdom 

Josh Raymond, the VP of Programming, pops in unexpectedly to join the fun. With nine kids of his own, Josh drops some golden parenting advice, like not stressing about how loud your baby cries in church – turns out, they’re not as loud as you think! 


Maggie’s Journey to the Team 

Maggie reflects on her journey to Relevant Radio, from volunteering in Green Bay to becoming Drew’s producer. She talks about how personal events and a little nudge from God led her to this role. Maggie’s faith journey and her meeting her future husband were all part of a bigger plan. If she hadn’t moved to take this job, she may have never met Joe! 


A Sweet Surprise from Mom 

Maggie’s mom, Kay, surprises everyone with a call to share her love for Maggie. Expect to have a few tears!


Heartfelt Messages from the Crew 

Messages pour in from Maggie’s colleagues at Relevant Radio, who all have nothing but sweet words and funny stories to share. They talk about Maggie’s kindness, her hard work, and how much she’ll be missed around the office. She’s made a big impact on every soul she’s encountered. 


Please keep Maggie in their prayers as she steps into this exciting new chapter! We’ll miss you, Maggie! 

Drew Mariani is an award-winning journalist, writer and broadcaster. He currently hosts The Drew Mariani Show™ reaching a potential audience of 220 million people. His 3-hour daily program offers a unique insight on the most important issues of the day and a platform for dialogue with listeners and newsmakers.