Presidential Debate & ‘‘Emergency Abortion”

SCOTUS decision on emergency medical care and abortion.  What happened and what’s at stake?  (0:48) Presidential debate on abortion. (25:16) Raising pro-life kids. (32:15) Too busy?  Why do parents ignore the experts telling them screen time is harmful for children?  Simple ways to cutback screen time (38:35)

Resources mentioned : 

“I’ve never needed to perform an abortion to save a woman’s life”


7 in 10 abortions are coerced or unwanted


Do women die from abortion?


Window to the womb


Supreme Court ‘punts’ Idaho emergency room abortion case back to lower court 


Studies on Multitasking & Screen Use 


Protect your family from the overuse of technology


Episodes with Melanie Hempe from on Trending 


Gabb Phone and Watch – limited talk and text for teens.  Smartphone solutions.

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