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We love to see your family praying the rosary!

We’re looking to feature real families that pray with us nationwide on the Family Rosary Across America. Submit a thirty-second video with your name and why you join us for prayer.

Here’s an example:

“Hi, we’re the Smith family from Lincolnshire, and we pray the Family Rosary Across America because we love having a big family to pray with!”

Want to see your family on the big screen? Use the form below and submit your video file to the Family Rosary Across America!

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These videos will be used to show the real families that take part in the Family Rosary Across America each day. We see Father Rocky and Margaret every day, now we want to see you!

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Here’s what others have to say…

  • Over the course of my life as a priest I have discovered that we, the Church, cannot be the family of God without a Mother. To read the short book, "The Memorare Moment" is to discover the unbroken history and reality of the motherhood of Mary. I cannot recommend it too highly.

    Fr. Richard SimonHost of Fr. Simon Says
  • As Catholics, our faith is relational, familial and passed on by stories. Fr. Rocky in "The Memorare Moment" combines moving stories from his childhood along with lives of the Saints to remind us and inspire us to live like the children of God that we are!

    Teresa S. Bettag, Ph.D.
  • The book brought the prayer into focus for me and I loved learning the history of it. I will certainly be saying it daily to add to your Memorare Meter for an end to abortion. The last few days have really shown that it is possible!

    Heidi Hazzard
  • There is no more perfect moment to be reminded of our Blessed Mother’s endless care for her children then right now.

    Deacon John Cleveland
  • The Memorare Moment reminds us of Our Lady’s great love for all of her children-ALL of us. It also reinforces the fact that family prayer will lead to a conversion of society. Praying the Memorare has brought great graces to my life - not always what was asked for, but usually something even better!

    Cecelia Helenski, DVM
  • Thank you Relevant Radio for inspiring me everyday. I am a mother of five little ones and listening to your station has really helped me focus on my vocation as a wife and mother.

  • In the midst of the troubles in our church that leaves many of us anxious and deeply troubled I realize that Relevant Radio is where I can find comfort and remember what is right about my wonderful Catholic faith. God bless and thank you.

  • I did it! I worked up the courage to go to confession. I had been away from the sacrament for several years. Chuck Neff put it back on my radar a few years ago... Every time the topic of confession came up I would pause and pray for courage to go. Father Simon once spoke to a woman and described Jesus opening the door to a room and walking her out into the light. That image stuck with me and I embraced it as my confession goal to feel Jesus walking me away from my sins...I finally went!

  • I just discovered that I can access the audio rosary any time through the app and I am so thrilled because I have been wanting a way to pray the rosary when I can find the right time each day rather than only at 8 pm when I am usually putting my children in bed. I am so thankful for all that Relevant Radio does to bring faith into our everyday lives and call us to holiness and a deeper understanding of the faith. Thank you and God bless each of you!

  • I just want you to know that your show and what you say on your show is so important. It’s so refreshing and imperative in this crazy world. The chaplet you do at 3pm has really had an impact on me. Thank you for everything God has allowed you to do. The more that men turn towards God, the more society will turn towards God. There’s nothing like a father showing his wife and kids how to pray and how to love God. The Chaplet and everything on Relevant Radio® helps change lives! Thank you!