Generosity reflects the nature of God

Today is Giving Tuesday, a movement that encourages people to support non-profit and charity organizations during the holiday giving season. This movement has grown over the years and has become an important part of the holiday season  – and for Christians that should come as no surprise.

On The Joe Sikorra Show, Joe and Fr. Dave Heney discussed generosity and giving, and pointed out that we are drawn to generosity, and happier when we give, because we are made in the image of a generous God.

“Researchers obviously study the field of generosity and what happens when you’re generous. And no surprise, it is completely consistent with how God created us.  God created us to love, to be generous,” Joe said. “God created you to live in His image, and when you give, when you are generous, you are more likely to be happy, and joyful, and (believe it or not) live longer.”

And just as we must work each day to love as God loves, we must also work each day to give as God gives, in order to be more like Him.

“If we are really cooperating with the way that He designed us, then if we do take something of ourselves and give it to another in charity, in love, without expecting anything in return, I think that our best self is going to feel good about that,” said Fr. Dave. “Anything less than that, anything that doesn’t measure up to that is the extent to which we need to grow, need to change, need to develop.”

“Money comes and goes,” he added. “Anything on this earth comes and goes, but one thing never goes away and that is the presence of Our Lord. Whether you have $5 million or nothing, you always have the presence of God with you. That is a richness that never, never goes away. Hopefully things work out investment-wise, but that’s not our source of happiness. Our source of peace, our source of serenity, our source of security really can only come from that relationship we have with the Lord.”

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