Living in the Trinity

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. And while the Trinity can be a hard concept to wrap our minds around, living in the Trinity is surprisingly simple.

Bishop Donald Hying of the Diocese of Gary, Indiana stopped by Morning Air® to share the beauty of the Most Holy Trinity and how we can participate in the life of the Trinity each and every day. Bishop Hying said:

“I’m always struck when I’m talking to people who don’t go to Church, because usually they say, ‘I don’t need to go to church to be a good person.’ And I would say they’re right. You can be a pretty good person, perhaps, without Church. But it reduces our faith, it reduces our religion to ethics, to what we do.

But Catholicism is fundamentally about who we are, or who we become in the Trinity. So, first of all, it’s about God seeking us out and drawing us into a depth of relationship with Him.

I always think of the Trinity as this eternal gift of self to the other. So, the Father giving Himself to the Son, the Father and Son giving Themselves, and the Spirit being generated from that. This eternal exchange.

And I always think of heaven as us standing in the middle of that and sharing in that fullness of relationship. For us as Catholics, that relationship has already begun – beginning in baptism, continuing in the sacraments, and alive in us through prayer.

The mystics of the Church, especially, reveal to us that the Trinity dwells within our souls. We think of the passage in John’s Gospel where Jesus says, ‘Those who love Me and keep My commandments, We will come and dwell with that person, and take up Our abode in that person.’ He speaks in the plural sense there – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – so even now, if we drink deeply of the sacraments and prayer, we live in the Trinity and the Trinity lives in us.”

Listen to the full conversation with Bishop Hying below:

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