Daybreak for August 10, 2021

  • Feast of St. Lawrence, 225-258; deacon under Pope St. Sixtus II, who was martyred days before Lawrence; Lawrence knew that he would be arrested, so he gave all of the church’s money on hand to the poor; the prefect of Rome demanded all other treasures of the church, and Lawrence showed him th blind, lame, maimed, leprous, orphaned, and widowed, and said, “These are the treasures of the church”; Lawrence died being burned slowly on a grill, from which he said to have remarked, “It is well done. Turn me over.” The Church has designated him the patron of chefs.
  • Tuesday of the 19th Week in Ordinary Time
  • Office of Readings and Morning Prayer for 8/10/21
  • Gospel: John 12:24-26