The Patrick Madrid Show: August 4, 2021 – Hour 1

  • Patrick shares the news that Mayor De Blasio has restricted indoor activities in New York City those who have been vaccinated.
  • Patrick discusses the opinion of those who would like unvaccinated people to bear the burden of those who have been vaccinated.
  • Patrick continues to discuss the pressure on those who have not been vaccinated, to get the vaccine and the approaches the CDC could take to encourage.
  • Patrick discusses the “shielding” approach by the CDC to countering the spread of COVID-19.
  • Anthony – What are the incentives for Catholic hospitals to push for the vaccine?
  • Juliana – Many of the unvaccinated people are children because they cannot be vaccinated. Would they take our kids away from us?
  • Patrick shares how Planned Parenthood is pressuring immigrants to have abortions.
  • Theresa – Is there a translation issue between Spanish and English regarding the Our Father? Also, can someone be born cursed?