Father Simon Says – November 10, 2022 – Did Jesus Get Into Politics?

Bible Study: (1:13)

PHMN 7-20

  • How did Philemon’s letter get into the New Testament? 

Letters  (13:27)

  • Father discusses predestination 
  • Our parish only has confession one day a week. They cancelled it that week, can I still get my plenary indulgence? 
  • Why was Pharoah not struck down with the first born? 

Word of the Day: Prisoner (31:18)


  • (33:56) – When the OT written? 
  • (45:46) – Comment about mixed-age marriage
  • (46:47) – Did Jesus Christ ever got involved in politics?
  • (48:12) –  What prayer intentions do you think a priest would have?
  • (50:20) – The Bible Study said that the serpent wasn’t really the devil.  What do you think?
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