Fr. Bob Pagliari, Where is Our Valentine Heart?/ Danielle Bean, Nighttime Routines for Adults/ Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg, Sunday’s Gospel Reflection

2/3/23 6am CT Hour

  • John, Glen and Sarah chat about the mysterious Chinese spy balloon in Montana and Travis Kelce’s wife bringing her OBGYN to the Super Bowl.
  • Fr. Bob hands out Holy Homework for all listeners to take time this month to find out where their heart truly lies and to make sure we are treasuring the tings that will bring true joy.
  • Danielle explains the importance of developing a consistent sleep pattern as an adult.
  • John, Glen and Sarah chat about their bedtime routines.
  • Bishop Muegenborg reflects on Sunday’s reading about being the salt of the Earth and what that analogy means for us.
St. Gregory Recovery Center
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