Relevant Radio Honored by Aid for Women with Praesidium Vitae Award

Last Thursday evening, Aid for Women hosted their annual gala at the Union League Club in downtown Chicago. And this year, Relevant Radio was in attendance in the form of Father Francis “Rocky” Hoffman, Chairman and CEO, John Morales, the host of Morning Air, and several board members and their spouses.

The classic venue was packed to the gills with several hundred patrons and supporters of Aid for Women as, on behalf of Relevant Radio, Fr. Rocky graciously accepted the Aid for Women’s Praesidium Vitae (Defender of Life) Award in acknowledgment of our continual efforts in the fight for life. Father Rocky delivered remarks in gratitude both for the award and for those who support Relevant Radio in our goal of building a culture of life by bringing Christ to the world through the media:

“Thank you very much for honoring Relevant Radio this evening with your prestigious Praesidium Vitae Award.  Relevant Radio now joins a growing list of noble people and organizations who have received this award.  By recognizing Relevant Radio this evening you are honoring our Mission, which is to Bring Christ to the World through the Media.”

This award brings honor to the board of directors and their objectives, the program hosts and their teams, all the employees working in the background, and Relevant Radio as a whole. It brings honor to our mission, our listeners, and all of the people we’re able to help through our work. Father emphasized Relevant Radio’s commitment to continue doing what we’re doing: praying the Memorare for the unborn, bringing the Mass to the masses, praying the Family Rosary Across America every night, and broadcasting the Word of God to every man, woman, and child for free through our local stations, our website, and our app.

The mission of Relevant Radio and the mission of Aid for Women, while different, are fundamentally bound together by the aim to protect and uplift God’s most precious creation: human life. While given great power and influence, we are called to use that power and influence to better the community of God’s children, wherever we may be and wherever we can reach.

Relevant Radio is grateful for the honor of being granted the Praesidium Vitae Award and we hope that Aid for Women continues to thrive in providing necessary and vital care for women and their families.

John Hanretty serves as a Digital Media Producer for Relevant Radio®. He is a graduate of the Gupta College of Business at the University of Dallas. Besides being passionate about writing, his hobbies include drawing and digital design. You can read more of his daily articles at and on the Relevant Radio® app.