Celebrating FOCUS 25th Anniversary with Curtis Martin (Special Podcast Highlight)

In a recent episode of “Morning Air,” John Morales had an exhilarating conversation with Curtis Martin, the founder of FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students), marking a jubilant 25-year anniversary of the organization. 🎊

🚀 FOCUS’ Mission & Impact: Curtis Martin vividly describes FOCUS’s mission: to kindle the love of Christ among college students and beyond. He shares heartwarming stories of transformation, where young individuals have discovered or rekindled their faith, with some even joining as missionaries. The organization has expanded its reach across the United States and into Western Europe and Mexico, touching thousands of lives with the Gospel’s joy. 🌍

🌟 Seek24 Conference Anticipation: The upcoming Seek24 Conference, themed “Be the Light,” is a beacon of hope and excitement. Scheduled for January 1st-5th, 2024, in St. Louis, Missouri, it promises an assembly of thousands, eager to deepen their faith. Curtis highlights the conference’s vibrancy, with an array of bishops, priests, seminarians, and religious brothers and sisters participating. The conference is a powerful display of the Church’s unity and strength. ⛪

🙌 Growth and Evangelization: The discussion delves into the exponential growth of FOCUS, reflecting on the amazing journey from just two part-time missionaries to over 1,200 full-time missionaries. This growth is attributed to a method modeled by Christ himself, multiplying disciples who continue to spread the Good News. 🌱

💖 Love, Grace, and Joy: Curtis emphasizes that love, grace, and joy are the cornerstone virtues driving FOCUS’s mission. He underscores that joy, in particular, is an infectious force that draws people to reconsider their faith.

For more info and to feel the spirit of this incredible mission, visit focus.org! 🌐✨

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