Next, on The Saints: Edith Stein

This week’s upcoming saint has two names you might have heard before: Theresa Benedicta of the Cross, or Edith Stein.

Edith was born into a Jewish family, but she was agnostic and searching for something more by the time she finished her doctoral thesis at 25. She read a biography of Teresa of Ávila and, not long after, found herself a devout Catholic discerning entering Teresa’s order in 1922. A brilliant scholarly mind, Edith continued to teach until 1933, when the Nazi party began to take control in Germany and laws forced her to leave her profession.

She entered the Discalced monastery that same year and made her perpetual vows in 1938 as Teresia Benedicta a Cruce (Theresa Benedicta of the Cross). Her writings continued, illuminating hearts and minds through theological, even scientific, works. In her later works, she took a clear stance against the Nazi party, even writing to the Pope to denounce the party’s oppressive control and targeting of Jews and Catholics by the Gestapo.

After being moved from Germany to the Netherlands for her safety, she refused further escape from the impending Nazi occupation and was arrested in 1942. She was martyred with her Jewish and Catholic brothers and sisters just days later and was canonized on October 11th, 1998, as the patron of martyrs, World Youth Day, Europe, and Jewish converts to the Catholic faith.

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