Chaplet / Becoming a Deacon

Podcasts, The Drew Mariani Show
Hour 2 of The Drew Mariani Show on 3-23-23 Deacon Charlie Echeverry tells the story of his being drawn into service for the Church https://traffic.omny.fm/d/clips/134e18ca-7af8-403f-a7eb-ad7f01861f48/fe1be921-df84-4316-b360-ae06010314f9/27f0f932-dc18-4a15-bd98-afce016f1ca0/audio.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | ... Read more


Podcasts, The Faith Explained
A listener asks: “Who can actually serve as a Godparent? What are their actual responsibilities?” Plus: in our Exodus series, God “upgrades” Moses’ tablets. https://traffic.omny.fm/d/clips/134e18ca-7af8-403f-a7eb-ad7f01861f48/b2f2652e-2826-4e68-b509-adef013f4384/4348ab7c-acba-4f92-83d6-afce012a5cd2/audio.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | ... Read more