Mary Hallon Fiorito, Update on Supreme Court Dobbs vs Jackson Case; Dr. Jim Schroeder, Life Lesson 2 Setting Arbitrary Limits

  • John and Glen chat about Chicago Fire and Special Broadcast that airs Saturday, October 9th @ 11am CT commemorating the apparition of Our Lady of Good Help to Adele Brise in Champion, Wisconsin.
  • Mary discusses the contents of the briefs that were presented to the Supreme Court on both Pro-life and Pro-choice sides of the argument when it comes to the Dobbs vs Jackson.
  • Mary references and delves into why women no longer need Roe vs Wade to empower them and lists the issues that rank higher like equal pay and access to education
  • Dr. Schroeder talk about how we all set limits for ourselves but asks the listener to question whether they are man made or God made. Are these limits holding us back from becoming who God wants us to be or reaching our full potential?
  • Dr. Schroeder encourages us to, like inspiring athletes, push past arbitrary limits to achieve greatness
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